This is my final poetry unit. We have covered most of the poetry types.
LI: I can create a variety of poems following specific forms using poetic devices.
I have learned: That not all poetry has to rhyme and I have learned all the different types of poetry. I have also discovered in myself that I'm able to write poetry when I try and it doesn't take a quick amount of time to write and effective poem.
My final poetry project.



DJ Caramel
02/24/2013 2:18pm

Very true. I don't think many of us knew that there was more to poetry than just rhyming. My favorite poem of yours had to be the character because of how you captured the perspective of the oven.

02/24/2013 4:51pm

I agree poetry doesn't take a short amount of time to be effective it is usually more effective when you spend lots of time on it. My favouirite poem was Your first haiku to me it had some very good descriptive language and I knew once I read it it was about the season summer.

Courtney Cash
02/24/2013 6:33pm

Very good job! I really liked all of your poems, and I think that you were very creative with all your topics.
I can tell that you learned a lot with this, as you learned that inside you can really write poetry. And I agree that lots of us learn that poetry is not just rhyming, and that there is a lot more forms, and poetic devices. I loved it!


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