Recently, we watched a video “To This Day” by Shane Koyczan with lots of powerful messages that I caught onto about bullying. The most powerful message I got was ‘‘if you can’t find anything beautiful about yourself, get a better mirror, look a little closer, stare a littler longer.’’

    Shane started getting bullied in grade two when he fell out of a tree and bruised the right side of his body, the next day a gym teacher saw it and sent him to the office. He told the principle that when he’s sad his grandma gives him karate chops, but to him pork chops and karate chops are the same thing. The word got around the school fast and people started calling him ‘’pork chop’’. That’s how it started.

    I think it’s amazing how one kid who was bullied all his life has made it so far with himself and not giving up on himself and having self-confidence. Today Shane is a famous, proud, amazing poet that even went out on his own during the 2010 Winter Olympic opening ceremony.

    My connections are through most of the grades I went through; every year there is someone being bullied. I think bullying someone can be the most harsh thing to do to someone because it will stay with them forever, day after day they will be putting them self down because of one thing someone said to them. In my thought, I think bullies only become bullies because it’s how family or friends once treated them.

           Another connection I have is that others have bullied me not every year, but occasionally. I have been called names and pushed around, but they don’t bother me. Bullying is such a bad thing, but it happens to everyone eventually but for some even worse. 
On friday I went to castle fun
park with all of the Gr. 6/7 for the end of the term celebration. The way the
system works is if you get a certain amount of talys you are not allowed to go
an in order to get tallies is if you're not doing your homework or get in
trouble, then thats a tally. You don’t want to get tallies though. When I got to
school on Friday I was excited and most likely everyone else was the same way
too. We didn’t leave until 9:30 and that sucked a little bit but we had buddies
before we left so that was ok. 9:30 came around a little faster than I expected
because school started at 8:45. We had parent drivers driving us there and I
caught a ride with my friend Fone bone and others in the car were Katniss and
social butterfly. Me and fone bone played a game called the sign game for the
whole car ride there and I'm not sure what the others were doing. We finally got
there but we were so hooked on our game we were playing we didn’t even want to
go inside castle fun park. We went inside anyways because we weren't going to
sit in a car all day spotting signs all day, or at least I don’t think so. I was
with lots of different people all day that it would be WAY too much to name so
yea. I started off playing mini golf with some of my friends and then wasted a
lot of my money trying to win a machine that I don’t think anyone actually wins.
Luckily I brought along extra money so I was good. Then after that I went on
bumper cars and after that some of my other friends asked me if I wanted to go
on it with them. I had just went on it but I liked bumper cars, so I went along.
I stayed in the arcade with fone bone and lots of others playing air hockey
mostly. I still had A LOT  of money on my swipe card so I gave some others free
games and we were going soon so I didn’t mind, it was my idea anyways. Right
before we left I went to the concession stand and bought a blue raspberry
slurpee and we left. We had to do a student count before we left to make sure
everyone was here, we were missing some people but they showed up eventually. On
the car ride home we continued our game and we tied by the time we got home at
W. Fone bone ended up finishing my drink but it was a little left so it was

Today On sunday the 2nd of
december I went into vancouver to meet my cousins Kim, Kristen ,and karlene for
the day. I see them sometimes because their not too far but not all the time. I
had to wake up early to go there which is the the only part I didn’t like. I
went to this craft fair in North vancouver for a while with my cousin Kristen
for  a few hours and then thats when Kim and Karlene caught up with us. After
that we went to ANOTHER craft fair and that took another few hours. It was at
the friendship center close to downtown Vancouver. After that we went to gastown
to walk around and got a few stuff around there. That was another hour and by
then it was 4:30 and we were hungry from the day so far and we were going to go
downtown for sushi, and thats what we did. So we were there and it was closed
until 5:00 because I guess they think thats the time people start to have diner.
So  we went to Urban affairs because they had these DELICIOUS food samples for
anyone to take and I liked them all. Finally 5:00 came around and I was starving
from the day behind me. We were seated after that and at the sushi place you had
to take off your shoes when you sit down but I’m not too sure why. I ordered a
teriyaki don and 1 order of california rolls. I didn’t eat everything because I
had a large order and I only left behind a little bit of teriyaki don behind. 
WE dropped everyone off after that and got home at about 7:00 and thats pretty
much how my day went.
This weekend was very relaxed and
not doing much. On saturday I went on the bus from my house all the way down to
Surrey city center for the skytrain. I was going to vancouver to have lunch with
my aunt and uncle with my brother. He has his own car but we thought it would be
more cool if we took the skytrain instead and save the environment. We got to
the skytrain and d got on it to brentwood town center because thats were we were
going to be picked up at. The skytrain was actually faster than driving but it
was longer at the same time because we took the bus and that stopped at every
stop possible. We were there finally . We went  to red robins for lunch and I
had this new thing called fish and chips burger which was actually pretty good.
After that we went back to my aunt and uncles condo until six-o-clock. At six we
went back to surrey city center because their was a concert going on there that
was one of my brothers favorite band and made the top 3 on the peak radio
station. That was going on for a while and there was some other bands playing
but we didn’t stay for all of them. My brothers friend was there too so we
caught a ride back with him and my aunt and uncle went  back on the
Pets are good for people because if someone has a medical condition or is blind they can use a dog for example to guide them around. Some pets know how to save lives of sniff out someone who’s stuck under something after a natural disaster animals can help. Pets are also used for emergencies to like police dogs help find wanted people or find someone. Pets are also good for people with little kids and the dog can play with the little kids and be like a playmate. I personally like dogs better than cats but I now when my dad had cancer, my cat stayed next to him when he was depressed. Some pets are weird animals to be a pet like a rat because who actually likes to have a rat in the house.

 Remembrance day is just important to us even after a century later from the firs remembrance day war (World war 1). On this very day November 11, thousands of soldiers died in multiple  wars making this world a better place. This day can also be important
because if that piece of history didn’t happen, we can’t be sure we would be here right now in a clean environment with a roof over our head. Who stands out the most to us in Canada is clearly the Canadian soldiers who died in the war. The poppies grow in flanders field, where the largest amount of people died in history. We represent them who died by wearing a poppy and giving them a day to be thanked. On November 11 is remembrance day, why that day? Because on that day
the most soldiers died protecting our land. This holiday should be continued on forever to show people how lucky they are. Over 66 thousand people died in the first world war.  Remembrance day started in world war one because of the amount
of people dieing. All the countries that celebrate remembrance day are: Barbados, Bermuda, Canada, Australia, India, Kenya, mauritius, New Zealand, South Africa, UK, North Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany, hong Kong, Israel, Italy Netherlands, Poland and US. The us don’t celebrate remembrance day, they celebrate Veterans day on the same day (Nov 11). 16 million people died in World war 1.

If I had a wish I would wish for
unlimited wishes so I would go through life easy. First I would wish I was legal age for driving, then I would wish up a dream car garage, I would wish for a Lamborghini Lp 1000 Gallardo, thats not the only car I’d want, I would want allot other supercars. I’d live in a mansion in australia because it’s beautiful there. I’d still come back to Canada sometimes but mostly enjoy the sun in  beautiful Australia. Like I said before I want to have a garage full of my dream cars, if I granted that wish while in canada it would be practically impossible to get to Australia. With my wishes I would have all the latest technology and
gadgets on the market available. Of course I would do t

For my birthday I got these models from games workshop that I collect. My brother Travis got them for me and they don’t come pre-built or pre-painted so I need to do that myself. My brother built them for me when he gave them to me so that was a lot easier for me. First
step is to build them with a certain type of special plastic glue only sold at games workshop. It’s the only kind that can hold it and it’s made for it. Second step is to use a primer on it so the paint can stay on it instead of running. There are lots of different types of primers like ones you would use on a wall and one you would use on a car. Step three is to paint the army in the colour it’s meant to be by looking in the codex. Again the paint can only be purchased by games workshop. I do dark green because I collect the dark angels  and thats their colour. The dark angels are the humans and their are lots of other
fictional characters in warhammer 40,000. Warhammer 40,000 takes place in the future never told when before. Warhammer is in the mid-evil times so that was along time ago. I have painted partly of my army and still a little to go and my brother also collects models in warhammer 40,000. I collect them because it’s just a hobby.

Yesterday on the 13 of October I had my birthday party with my friends.My real birthday was a few days before that I was exited for it because I love swimming.I went swimming with Jayden, Brandon and jason. The weather was wet but we all like swimming so it was ok. I would have invited more of my friends from school but it was too much of a hassle. We went at 5:00pm until 7:00pm at the langley wave pool. It was a wave pool that we went to but when we first got there the waves weren’t on. The waves were turned on about 15 minutes later. In the meantime we were taking turns going on the slide,it was fun but when you come out of the end it pushes you back and you land on your back. It actually didn’t hurt that much.The water on the slide was FREEZING COLD, but that didn’t stop us from keep going. Their was this rubber, soft toy basketball in the pool that we were using to play ball tag
with, but we got tired of playing with. Then we asked the lifeguard if we could
use the diving board and he said yes.So we went on that for a while and just did
spins and such off it. After that we went back on the slide but it was so cold
that we went in the hottub. I tried the sauna and it wasn’t that bad. The reason
we went back into the pool was because the waves were finally turned on and the
waves were what I was most exhilarated for. It was my highlight of swimming
because it was like being in a storm on the mediterranean sea. I tried to stay
away from being under the diving board because the waves were so big that if you
went under your head would hit the bottom of it. The waves were swervy and
bouncy if you were on one of those little foam floats. After that we went to
McDonalds because none of us have had supper at that time. We all had Big Mac
meals because we were SO hungry. I had chicken sauce on mine and it was so
slippery it fell apart and I had to eat it one part at a time which took a
while. After that I opened my gifts and I got all money which is what I asked
for, then my mom dropped my friends of at Jaydens including me and we hung out
there for awhile.