If I had a wish I would wish for
unlimited wishes so I would go through life easy. First I would wish I was legal age for driving, then I would wish up a dream car garage, I would wish for a Lamborghini Lp 1000 Gallardo, thats not the only car I’d want, I would want allot other supercars. I’d live in a mansion in australia because it’s beautiful there. I’d still come back to Canada sometimes but mostly enjoy the sun in  beautiful Australia. Like I said before I want to have a garage full of my dream cars, if I granted that wish while in canada it would be practically impossible to get to Australia. With my wishes I would have all the latest technology and
gadgets on the market available. Of course I would do t


I enjoyed hearing about what you would wish for. I fully understood that you like cars, because you would want to have a garage full of them! I just wanted to know why would you go to Australia, I know that the sun is always shining there, but there are many other places where the sun shines as well. If I would wish for something it would be for unlimited wishes as well, so you wouldn't only have to choose one wish. I'd wish for A LOT of money and buy my own mountain. I also noticed some spelling and grammar errors if you might want to go back and fix those. Overall you did really well on your journal entry.


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