Yesterday on the 13 of October I had my birthday party with my friends.My real birthday was a few days before that I was exited for it because I love swimming.I went swimming with Jayden, Brandon and jason. The weather was wet but we all like swimming so it was ok. I would have invited more of my friends from school but it was too much of a hassle. We went at 5:00pm until 7:00pm at the langley wave pool. It was a wave pool that we went to but when we first got there the waves weren’t on. The waves were turned on about 15 minutes later. In the meantime we were taking turns going on the slide,it was fun but when you come out of the end it pushes you back and you land on your back. It actually didn’t hurt that much.The water on the slide was FREEZING COLD, but that didn’t stop us from keep going. Their was this rubber, soft toy basketball in the pool that we were using to play ball tag
with, but we got tired of playing with. Then we asked the lifeguard if we could
use the diving board and he said yes.So we went on that for a while and just did
spins and such off it. After that we went back on the slide but it was so cold
that we went in the hottub. I tried the sauna and it wasn’t that bad. The reason
we went back into the pool was because the waves were finally turned on and the
waves were what I was most exhilarated for. It was my highlight of swimming
because it was like being in a storm on the mediterranean sea. I tried to stay
away from being under the diving board because the waves were so big that if you
went under your head would hit the bottom of it. The waves were swervy and
bouncy if you were on one of those little foam floats. After that we went to
McDonalds because none of us have had supper at that time. We all had Big Mac
meals because we were SO hungry. I had chicken sauce on mine and it was so
slippery it fell apart and I had to eat it one part at a time which took a
while. After that I opened my gifts and I got all money which is what I asked
for, then my mom dropped my friends of at Jaydens including me and we hung out
there for awhile.

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