Today On sunday the 2nd of
december I went into vancouver to meet my cousins Kim, Kristen ,and karlene for
the day. I see them sometimes because their not too far but not all the time. I
had to wake up early to go there which is the the only part I didn’t like. I
went to this craft fair in North vancouver for a while with my cousin Kristen
for  a few hours and then thats when Kim and Karlene caught up with us. After
that we went to ANOTHER craft fair and that took another few hours. It was at
the friendship center close to downtown Vancouver. After that we went to gastown
to walk around and got a few stuff around there. That was another hour and by
then it was 4:30 and we were hungry from the day so far and we were going to go
downtown for sushi, and thats what we did. So we were there and it was closed
until 5:00 because I guess they think thats the time people start to have diner.
So  we went to Urban affairs because they had these DELICIOUS food samples for
anyone to take and I liked them all. Finally 5:00 came around and I was starving
from the day behind me. We were seated after that and at the sushi place you had
to take off your shoes when you sit down but I’m not too sure why. I ordered a
teriyaki don and 1 order of california rolls. I didn’t eat everything because I
had a large order and I only left behind a little bit of teriyaki don behind. 
WE dropped everyone off after that and got home at about 7:00 and thats pretty
much how my day went.
12/4/2012 20:35:12

Wow that was some day you had! The sushi sounds so good, and the craft fair sounds like it was fun! I can relate to the food sample part because when my family goes to Costco my sister and I practically live off of the samples. Was the sushi good? Sounds like a good day! B^)

12/5/2012 08:19:35

The sushi was good thank you, and samples are my favorite because their free and they are always these different types of food I’ve never even heard of.


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