In school yesterday on the third of October we received our kites and started designing and colouring the kite. I did my design as a Adidas logo that was on my hat. I coloured it orange and the background purple. My friend did a volcom logo. My whole class did the kites. Today we were finishing up colouring that was for people who still needed a little more time. Then we were off to the gym, with eagerness on my face I was itching with excitement to fly my kite. We spent about fifteen minutes setting up the kites. Once we got that done we were ready to go outside onto the field to fly our kites. I was exhilarated to to finally let my kite fly. My kite got tangled up with my friends kite, so my friend and i had to undo the entanglement we had created. My class had about twenty minutes on the field because the bell was going to ring but even after hearing the bell no one wanted to stop flying their kites because we were all having to much fun. My kite was so high in the air I didn’t notice i had unreeled it all the way and when it came time for me to put it away it took longer than i expected. It was great wind th fly my kite. We did the kite project because we thought it would be fun and interesting to try it out again. We have done this before, but that was 5 years ago.

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