Remembrance day is just important to us even after a century later from the firs remembrance day war (World war 1). On this very day November 11, thousands of soldiers died in multiple  wars making this world a better place. This day can also be important
because if that piece of history didn’t happen, we can’t be sure we would be here right now in a clean environment with a roof over our head. Who stands out the most to us in Canada is clearly the Canadian soldiers who died in the war. The poppies grow in flanders field, where the largest amount of people died in history. We represent them who died by wearing a poppy and giving them a day to be thanked. On November 11 is remembrance day, why that day? Because on that day
the most soldiers died protecting our land. This holiday should be continued on forever to show people how lucky they are. Over 66 thousand people died in the first world war.  Remembrance day started in world war one because of the amount
of people dieing. All the countries that celebrate remembrance day are: Barbados, Bermuda, Canada, Australia, India, Kenya, mauritius, New Zealand, South Africa, UK, North Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany, hong Kong, Israel, Italy Netherlands, Poland and US. The us don’t celebrate remembrance day, they celebrate Veterans day on the same day (Nov 11). 16 million people died in World war 1.

Noob Tuber
11/13/2012 16:54:27

wow great job from that journal I learned a couple new facts a suggestion I have is check your spelling and punctuation. I never knew that many countries celebrated this holiday. A question I have is do you know if all of these countries celebrate this day on November 11th.


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