L.I: I can use strategies after reading to extend meaning by determining the importance of ideas synthesizing (put together) information.

I learned: how to use google drive more sophisticatedly and improved my ability to describe stuff and things in a book.

This is my final poetry unit. We have covered most of the poetry types.
LI: I can create a variety of poems following specific forms using poetic devices.
I have learned: That not all poetry has to rhyme and I have learned all the different types of poetry. I have also discovered in myself that I'm able to write poetry when I try and it doesn't take a quick amount of time to write and effective poem.
My final poetry project.

This is my sensory poem I created with descriptive words to create

This is my found poem that I created using words and letters that I found in a number of magazines.

This is my onomatopoeia art that I created using only the colours blue, red and yellow and black in smaller areas. An onomatopoeia is a word that sounds the same as an action.

LI: I can create an image based on the concept of an artist's work. (Roy Lichenstein)

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Learning Intention: I can use poetic device of alliteration to develop meaning in my writing.
I Am Poem

 I am enthusiastic and funny.
I wonder about astronomy.
I hear raindrops hitting the ground.
I see clouds floating by.
I want to be the greatest I can be.
I am enthusiastic and funny.
I pretend I can explore the universe and beyond.
I feel the pain of my peers.
I touch the sky when I’m sad.
I worry about my future.
I cry when some one dies.
I am enthusiastic and funny.
I understand I don’t always concentrate.
I say good morning and good night.
I dream of flying in the sky.
I try to do something that can be life changing.
I hope I can do something good with my life.
I am enthusiastic and funny.