For my birthday I got these models from games workshop that I collect. My brother Travis got them for me and they don’t come pre-built or pre-painted so I need to do that myself. My brother built them for me when he gave them to me so that was a lot easier for me. First
step is to build them with a certain type of special plastic glue only sold at games workshop. It’s the only kind that can hold it and it’s made for it. Second step is to use a primer on it so the paint can stay on it instead of running. There are lots of different types of primers like ones you would use on a wall and one you would use on a car. Step three is to paint the army in the colour it’s meant to be by looking in the codex. Again the paint can only be purchased by games workshop. I do dark green because I collect the dark angels  and thats their colour. The dark angels are the humans and their are lots of other
fictional characters in warhammer 40,000. Warhammer 40,000 takes place in the future never told when before. Warhammer is in the mid-evil times so that was along time ago. I have painted partly of my army and still a little to go and my brother also collects models in warhammer 40,000. I collect them because it’s just a hobby.

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